Vegan Chef Nubian
Clients testimonials…

As a personal Chef, my clients are every thing to me, I strive to provide Organic, fresh food, and my best service, all focused on what my clients want. This attention to my clients needs has been rewarded with satisfied Customers .

My Clients say …..

Marcia.. "I love the cashew nut sauce ,the food has boldness. great art, and lots of flavor."

Mieta…. "She told everyone in her office, " I never had butternut squash like this, such flavor".

Nicole..."I had a marvelous time... The food was exquisite ... Looking forward to the next pop up dinner."

All the kids ''Jayden, Orli, Nile, always want more of my food."

Rana..."I had such an amazing time at the Pop Up Dinner, the food was exquisite, nice plating. Job well done."

Anthony..."the food has such amazing layers of flavor. The Cashew sauce, there is nothing like the feeling you have after a night of Exquisite Vegan dining with Chef Nubian each evening takes on its own life which start with an 'Epic' of the most exotic herbs and spices dancing on the palate from beginning to the unwanted end."

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